California Paint Options for your Westchester, NY Home

Whether you are in need of a quality primer, interior paint, or specialty options for tough areas such as your kitchen, bath or ceiling, California Paint is the company to turn to. Never underestimate the power of a quick color change in your home. Color possesses the power to transform a space's overall look and [...]

May 27th, 2013|

In-Home Decorating for Westchester, NY Residents

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to choosing paint colors for your current home projects? If so, you are not alone. Why not turn to the professional advice of experts that can provide in-home decorating tips and direction to you? By gaining answers to your questions or a second opinion, you can gather [...]

May 23rd, 2013|

Westchester, NY interior Paint Options

Which interior space in your home are you seeking to update? The master bedroom. The downstairs powder room. Or, your kitchen. A coat of paint possesses the ability to not only freshen up your Westchester, NY home's interior, but can add value to your property. Among the industry's leaders in interior paints is California Paint. [...]

May 23rd, 2013|

Vignette Window Shadings for Westchester NY Homes

Whether you're moving into a new Westchester, NY home, or simply looking to renovate, you will want to make sure you get the ideal style for your windows. With the Vignette style of window shadings you can get a look that's both stylish and sophisticated. How do you best go about buying the ideal shading [...]

May 21st, 2013|

California Exterior Paint Options in Westchester, NY

To instantly update your Westchester, NY home's curb appeal, add a fresh coat of California exterior paint. Whether you simply freshen up the property with a coat of paint or update the entire exterior, the value of your home will increase simply by improving its exterior appearance. California exterior paints offer home and business owners [...]

May 19th, 2013|

Ideal Painter’s Tools for your Carmel, NY Business

When you are updating a Carmel, NY business's interior or exterior paint, you should take into account what tools you will be using for the job. With the right painter's tools, you can make a potentially overwhelming job a lot easier to manage. How do you go about this though, and where are the best [...]

May 19th, 2013|

Searching For Window Treatments in NY

It may be that you're looking to renovate your New York home, or you might even be moving in for the first time, in which case you will need to consider the right style for the windows. Using some window treatments, you can gain the perfect ambiance for both you and your home. Where is [...]

May 9th, 2013|

Hunter Douglas Shades- Yonkers, NY

Shades are a very important feature in the window of any Yonkers, NY building. They regulate the amount of sunlight that penetrates into the room. Shades can be made of different materials depending on the needs of the user. Some can be made of wood while others of plastic. This increases variety as one is [...]

May 6th, 2013|

Learning More About Interior Window Shutters

Starting out in any Westchester, NY home or new property may appear overwhelming at first, but this need not be the case when considering the style of your windows. Getting the right interior window shutters can really make all the difference when planning the look of your home. What do you need to begin though, [...]

May 2nd, 2013|