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Shades are a very important feature in the window of any Yonkers, NY building. They regulate the amount of sunlight that penetrates into the room. Shades can be made of different materials depending on the needs of the user. Some can be made of wood while others of plastic. This increases variety as one is looking for the best kind of shade to put on their windows. One can get window shades from different companies in the market. Hunter Douglas shades are of different types each used in a specific kind of window and for a specific purpose. Some types of Hunter Douglas shades include:

Roman shades

These kinds of shades stack up equally when one is opening thus they appear smooth. One usually uses a cord to open them and you can adjust the height of the uncovered area. There are different kinds of roman shades to suit your varied needs. If you have children in the house, the vignette modern roman shade is useful since it does not have any hanging cords. Other types include provenance woven wooden shades and Design studio roman shades among others.

Roller Shades

If you would like a fine fabric, smooth metal or woven wood as a shade, then roller shades are ideal for you. The shade usually looks like a screen and has a great finish. Some suitable types are designer screen shades and designer roller shades that offer you a wide range of custom fabric from soft and natural to traditional fabrics. If you prefer simplicity, then austral screen shades are most suitable since they are a simple roller shade with a great metal finish.

Pleated Shades

As the name for the shades suggest, the shade is made of a pleated fabric that adds more texture to the room. The pleated shades come in a variety of designs and styles; therefore, you are sure to find something that is suitable for you

Other types of Hunter Douglas shades include horizontal shades, vertical shades and honeycomb shades. You are therefore very likely to find the most suitable shades for your Yonkers, NY home from Hunter Douglas.

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