About Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades are just one of the incredible product lines offered at Wallauer’s Design Center. Hunter Douglas is a trusted name in home design, offering superior products that can completely transform the look and feel of the room. Roller shades are a popular window treatment option, as they provide ease of use, style, and several patterns and variations. If you are interested in installing roller shades into your home, the Hunter Douglas Roller Shades are a dependable product with lots of versatility. Learn more below about this classic product and the variations available.


Types of Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

There are a few different types of roller shades in the Hunter Douglas line of roller shade products. Each offers some unique qualities to help customers pick the style that will best suit their needs and home design. Explore the different options below:

· Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Cellular roller shades are the classic roller shade most people think of when they envision shades. The Hunter Douglas Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades are excellent for diffusing light. This means homeowners can achieve privacy while still letting light through. The Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades come in various colors to meet the design requirements for your home.

· Designer Roller Shades

The designer roller shades by Hunter Douglas come in hundreds of fabric options, allowing homeowners to completely customize the interior design of their home. The designer roller shades block harmful UV rays, come in varying levels of opaqueness, and create a seamless overall design.

· Designer Screen Shades

The Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas are often preferred for sunrooms and patios because of their extremely effective UV protection while maintaining a level of transparency. These shades are also available in several colors while still allowing for a view of the outdoors. This sophisticated roller shade provides a modern twist to traditional window treatments.

· The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades

Utilizing distinct woven fabrics, the Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades offer beautiful light filtering options for your home. Complete with sophisticated fabric choices and beautiful finishing hardware touches, The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades is perfect for modern homes and versatile designs.



Versatile Operating Systems

The Hunter Douglas roller shades are beautiful, but they also offer several options for functionality. Hunter Douglas has several operating systems for their roller shades to make them the easiest shades to use. PowerView allows users to schedule when shades will roll up and down automatically, as well as open and close them via remote control. UltraGlide is another option, in which a retractable cord is used to raise and lower the shades. Lastly, Hunter Douglas offers LiteRise, a cordless option that allows the user to pull the blinds up or down by pulling on the actual shade.


Where to Buy Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas roller shades are only available at authorized dealers. Wallauer’s Home Design Center is proud to offer these incredible shades. At Wallauer’s Design Center, we offer a range of products to our customer’s looking to renovate their home. From paint to decorating products, our team is standing by in all of our stores to offer expert help with the design and decorating process. We hope to see you soon!