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Decorating Accessories

Creating a visually cohesive room or space can take a lot more work than you might think. While matching your furniture and tables to your paint and flooring choices can make a big difference, you will find that the little things count a great deal as well. At Wallauer, we are the top source in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam County for all of the decorative touches you need to ensure that your room provides a cohesive and coherent style and look. When you need decorative pillows, table toppers, and cushions, why not let our design team help create the perfect items for your space?

The accessories in your room will absolutely make the difference in your space. We can provide all of the right accessories for you, Pillows, window seats, chair cushions, and more. Can’t find the perfect fit tablecloth or the perfect placemats and napkins let us make them for you so that every room in your home has the look you really want to achieve.

The design experts here at Wallauer help make us the leading home décor team in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam County NY. In addition to extensive product lines, our team can also create a wide range of custom décor for any home. Contact our experts today to request an in-home consultation. You will find that we can do much to help make your space feel both complete and cohesive.

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