California Exterior Paint Options in Westchester, NY

To instantly update your Westchester, NY home’s curb appeal, add a fresh coat of California exterior paint. Whether you simply freshen up the property with a coat of paint or update the entire exterior, the value of your home will increase simply by improving its exterior appearance.

California exterior paints offer home and business owners a number of options, including:

·        Exterior Primers-To improve the look and life of any paint product, a solid coat of primer should be applied to any surface to be painted. The California exterior paint products include primers, sealers and undercoaters.

·        Exterior Paints-Offered in an extensive array of color options, these exterior paints provide durability in addition to visual appeal. California exterior paints have been consistently ranked as the top in the industry. In addition to providing great color options, durability and ease of application, these paints are mildew, water and alkali resistant.

·        Enamel- For areas of your property requiring a more durable paint finish, turn to the extended life option offered by California exterior paint enamel. This line of products is available in high and low-gloss sheens.

·        Exterior Porch and Floors- When updating your Westchester, NY property’s exterior, don’t overlook your front, side or rear patio areas. Sanding and recovering an area to freshen it up or changing the entire color scheme of a patio can dramatically improve your property’s exterior appearance. The skid-grid anti slip paint product is best suited for walkways, pool surrounds and pool decks.

Each of the California exterior paint projects mentioned above can update, freshen, improve or alter your Westchester, NY home’s appearance. And, improvements in the look and feel of your property’s exterior can boost its market value.

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