Best Window Treatments for Beach Homes

Window Treatments for Beach Homes

Best Window Treatments for Beach & Seaside Homes

Beach homes are subject to wet air and harsh summer sun and require more from their window treatments, calling for a range of stylized window treatments to match your coastal decor. If you have not done so yet, there is plenty of summer left to choose the best window treatments for your beach home.

Picking the Correct Materials

While you want to keep your style and color scheme in mind, remember it is important to choose suitable materials. You need to consider humidity if your home is closer to the water. The salt air can be harsh on wood if you love keeping the windows open. Opting for synthetic blinds may be the better choice. They are easier to clean and will maintain shape. Real wood blinds cause to warp and can stain from salt build-up. Even though you may not see the salt, it’s definitely in the air! Another alternative to blinds in coastal homes is bamboo. The natural wood colors pull in beach vibes. You may prefer a dressier beach house window treatment and opt for curtains. Sheer panels let cool breezes enter your home with filtered light. If you prefer more privacy, the heavier fabric is recommended. You can also pair a beachy sheer with faux wood blinds. Just as you have to wash the salt from your windows, you should wash your curtains more frequently so the fabric maintains its color and feel.

Picking the Right Colors

What is your coastal style? Blues, greens, and whites are the most popular. You can also incorporate punchy corals and seashell patterns into your home’s window treatments. These days you can get window treatments in almost any color that will blend in with your beach house decor.

Blocking harsh sunrises or sunsets

What direction does your home face? Do you mind the sunrise flooding your house with warm light? Or would you prefer to block it out? A heavier drape or slatted shades will block out the morning light. If you are decorating a window facing the west, a roller shade is an excellent option to allow filtered light to shine as the sun sets.

Do Not Block Your Views

Remember, for a reason; you have a home on or near the beach – the views! Functional window treatments control the light while allowing you to enjoy the beach views.

Classic vs. Contemporary Styles

Coastal homes have come a long way. Some homeowners have strayed away from the classic beach bungalow look and incorporated contemporary style. This means drawing in neutral colors like gray, cream, and tan, adding a sense of calm to your space. Pay attention to detail; brushed nickel hardware, fittings, accents, and decor tie your contemporary coastal design together.

A more classic look brings in raw elements, patterns, and color. Grasscloth wallcoverings add texture and blue and white pull in color from the ocean and beach. Striped curtains and matching pillows complete the look.

Whatever your style is, Wallauer’s design team can help! We have a variety of faux wood blinds and beautiful beach fabrics that will define your style. Work with one of our professional interior designers.


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