Choosing the Correct Paint Brush When Painting Your House

Choosing the Correct Paint Brush Wallauer Paint and Design

Choosing the Correct Paint Brush

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, does the brush you use really matter? Yes, it does! Read on for tips about choosing the right brush to match for your style job.

Understanding Brushes

There are multiple paint brushes to choose from. It is important you make the correct selection.

Bristle Types: The bristles on a paint brush can be natural or synthetic. Natural bristles are more course, usually made from animal hair. Synthetic bristles are man-made, and can be nylon, polyester, or both. If the surface of your home is not smooth a course brush may be your best bet. If you are painting a smooth surface like vinyl siding, go for synthetic. When shopping for a brush select one that has flagged tips so it holds more paint.

Brush Sizes: The wider the brush, also known as the toe, the more you can cover in less time. So if your painting larger trim, you can opt for a wider brush, 2-1/2 inches. Use a smaller size like 1-1/2 inches for trim and smaller areas.

Brush Styles: The ends of brushes also come in different sizes.  Ends can be round, flat, filbert, or angled. For larger areas, flat is recommended.

Matching the Brush with the Job

It is important to choose the right brush for your home’s exterior. Therefore you need to factor in a few things. What surface are your painting? Why sheen of paint are you using? Is it a paint, or a stain? You cannot use a paint brush made of natural bristles with Latex paint. Natural bristles work best with oil-based paints and stains or varnish. Most professional house painters will use a 2 1/2 inch brush, but it really comes down to what you feel comfortable using.

Common Paintbrush Questions

Are cheap paint brushes any good? We understand painting supplies can add up in the end. However, quality is important. Afterall, do you want to paint all over again? Budget brushes may have a good application, but you run the risk of bristles getting stuck in the paint and on your siding. Quality brushes have a tighter ferrule (the metal part that grips the bristles). Higher-budget brushes also have more of a variety to choose from.

What brushes do pro painters and decorators use? There are variety of name-brand brushes professionals that shop Wallauer trust. Brands like Purdy and Wooster are the most popular.

What paint brush gives the smoothest finish? White-China bristles offer a smoother finish because they are softer. Also ensure your surface is sanded, cleaned and primed for a smooth finish.

What paint brushes do I need to paint a room? Perferably, use a roller on the walls, and a brush for the trim and doors. A brush with a 1 1/2 inch sash should do the job. Again, note the paint you are using. Most interior paints are water-based, or latex-based. So a nylon brush is best.

Everything mentioned in this article can be found at your local Wallauer. Find a Wallauer near you today. Speak to an color expert. Shop for tools and supplies while we mix your paint!

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