How to Paint Vinyl Siding and Save Customers’ Money

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Paint Vinyl Siding

If you’ve decided to put your house on the market or want an upgrade, painting is an affordable option to replace the vinyl siding. But what kind of paint is used for vinyl siding? Read on for information about choosing the correct paint and the tools needed.

Can you paint vinyl siding on a house?

Yes, you can paint the vinyl siding on your home. You have to use paint specially formulated to stick to the vinyl siding. In some cases painting your home can increase your home’s value.

What kind of paint sticks to vinyl siding? 100% acrylic paint provides the best adhesion to vinyl siding.

Does painting vinyl siding last? Yes, with proper maintenance and cleaning, the paint will last on your home anywhere from 3-15  years. This also depends on the weather conditions where you live. 

Is it cheaper to paint vinyl siding vs replace it?

Essentially, yes, painting can save 30 – 50% of what you would pay for all new vinyl siding. While it is an affordable option, double check your siding’s warranty to make sure painting it does not void your warranty.

How to paint vinyl siding.

The steps to painting vinyl siding are simple but it is important to follow them correctly to ensure perfect coverage that will last.

Picking a color: You may feel some pressure to choose an exterior color for your home since it is a long term commitment.  Take a look at your landscaping, trim, front door and shutters if you have them. What colors are the other homes in your neighborhood? Do you live near the beach, or in the woods? It’s best to choose a few colors and test them out to see what the color looks like when the sun is out, and in the evening. Always choose a color you know you will be happy with in the end. 

Cleaning Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding is durable and easy to clean. Depending on where the sun and shade hit your home, mildew and dirt may be more prominent and require extra cleaning. You can hand wash, or powerwash your siding. Make sure to adjust the settings on your pressure washer so you do not damage the siding. There are a variety of cleaners that are safe for vinyl and the environment like Simple Green, or a mix of 70% water and 30% vinegar.  For more stubborn stains, use diluted bleach. 

Priming Vinyl Siding: Generally vinyl siding does not have to be primed. Unless there are specific areas that need fixing like a pitted panel, or a rough patch, the surface just needs to be free of dirt and grime. Should you decide to prime, choose a boding primer that will stick to hard surfaces. Wallauer’s offers a variety of exterior primers in the Westchester NY area.

Painting: Vinyl siding can expand during warmer weather and decrease in size during cooler weather. You should paint your home when it’s 60 – 80 degrees farenheight outside for best results. Make sure there is no rain in the forecast, and do not paint in direct sunlight. Prep your area and cover the ground or any landscaping you do not want to get paint on. Mask off any trim, windows or doors you do not want to get paint on.

Tools Used To Paint Siding: Use a paint brush or sprayer to apply the first coat. Let dry completely before applying the second coat. Then clean up your area and viola! A new look to your home!

Caring For Painted Vinyl Siding.

Once your vinyl siding is painted, you should make sure it stays clean to extend the life of your paint. Simply wipe down with was soft cloth or brush. Do not scrub the surface, and use a light cleaning solution for hard-to-clean areas.

Painted Vinyl Trim.

Another way to refresh the look of your home is to simply repaint the trim. A fresh coat of paint always ads a new look to your home. If you do not have the time or budget to paint the exterior walls, painting the trim can upgrade your curb appeal.

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