How to Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture So That it Lasts

Painting Outdoor Wood Furniture

Do you have outdoor wood furniture that could use a second life? Bring it back to life with paint! No need to purchase a new set. Keep reading for ideas on how to paint or stain your wood furniture.

Preparing the Surface

Most likely, your wood furniture shows wear and tear from the natural elements. Perhaps it was painted, and the paint is chipping off. Or there are stains from previous spills. You need to prep the surface to ensure the paint adheres properly and has a smooth surface. The first step is to clean your furniture. Simple soap and water, or for a deeper clean, try Benjamin Moore Stain Finish Remover. Sanding helps to remove unwanted paint and smooths down any rough patches. When sanding, always go in the same direction as the wood grain. Make sure to use a finer sandpaper, so you get the smoothest surface. If you prefer to use paint remover, Goof Off works wonderful at removing tough stains.  Either way, we encourage sanding after your wood is thoroughly dry.

Priming vs No Prime

If you are staining your table or chairs, and not using a solid color, there is no need to prime. If you are painting, then priming is needed. Primer acts as a barrier so the wood does not absorb your paint or solid stain.

Should You Consider Stains Instead?

You can only stain certain surfaces. For example, if your furniture has plastic or metal, you cannot stain that part of the furniture. Only wood can be stained. You can however paint plastic or wood. There are a wide range of stains to choose from. Some stains are more translucent and bring out the natural color of the wood. Remember, pine is a lighter color than cherry wood. Choose your stain according to the natural look you prefer. If you use a solid opaque, like ARBORCOAT Solid, Wallauer can tint it any color you prefer!

Choosing the Right Color

Does your outdoor area have a theme? Are you looking to upgrade your entire entertainment space?  A lot goes into choosing a color. Consider your surroundings, outdoor rug, cushions, and even the color of your home. Painting your furniture all the same color creates space and uniformity. It’s your space, so customize it the way you want!

Drying and Maintenance

Allow ample time for your furniture to fully dry. You do not want guests to sit on wet furniture, or ruin cushions because the paint is not dry. In order to help this process, do not start your project in a humid environment. Choose a dry, sunny day where there is minimal to no wind. You want to avoid dust and dirt from sticking to your freshly painted surface. Once dried, enjoy your outdoor furniture and space!

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