Best Dining Room Window Treatments Ideas For Your Home

Best Dining Room Window Treatments Ideas For Your Home

Dining Room Window Treatments

Your dining room is a place to gather and enjoy time with family and friends and fantastic food. When hosting, you want to create a certain ambiance and an inviting environment. Window treatments can heavily contribute to your interior design. They can make or break your decorating plan. Let’s explore your options and find the best window treatments for your home.

Correctly measuring your windows.

Do you have floor-to-ceiling windows? Do you have a bunch of windows making up one large window? Or are there a few windows on each wall? Whatever the shape, it is essential to have the exact measurements of each window you will be decorating. It is necessary to note the distance between the top of the window to the ceiling.  Also, measure the bottom of the window down to the floor. Not sure how to correctly measure windows? Contact our design team and set up an in-home consultation.

Types of window treatments

Once you have your measurements, you can now decide on the type of window treatment to use. Shades and shutters offer more privacy options and cover just the window. Drapes and curtains allow more room for style and can pull the entire theme of the room together. The fabric can be customized to match pillows or furniture. Draw in colors from an area rug. There are also combination options. For example, a cornice and woven blinds offer privacy and style.  A balloon valence paired with drapes adds romance to a dining room. You can go simple with solid-colored vertical drapes. Modern drapery adds elegance while giving your dining room a chic treat.

Best Materials for dining room window treatments

Do you want to keep your room light and airy? Sheers offer translucence and a touch of romance. Billowy swags give a luxurious feel to a traditional dining space. Bonus – have your sheers touch the floor for a chic look. Heavy drapes hanging on either side of your windows help break up the space in a room. Neutral colors are the most soothing and relaxing for any room. Natural wood shutters or blinds help achieve this look. Taupe or off-white curtains keep things clean and simple. If you do not want to invest in fabric, Louvered shutters can give a casual look to your dining room.

Mix & Match

Tie all the elements of your dining room together by mixing and matching. Paring woven blinds with draperies help to soften its hard lines. Roller blinds and Venetian blinds pair well with drapes and provide a basic, solid block of color to work with. Wallauer has hundreds of Hunter Douglas blinds and window treatments to choose from. Shop designer fabrics from our showroom. Schedule your consultation with our interior design consultants today!

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