Design Trends for 2017

Whether you are redesigning your home this year, need a new paint color on your walls, or want to pick out some on-trend furniture pieces, now is the best time to start! The beginning of the year paves the way for beautiful design trends you will enjoy for all of 2017 and longer. At Wallauer’s Design Center, we are committed to helping our clients create a beautiful design within their home; a design that is timeless while still incorporating the current trends. As experts in home design, we have picked out some of the major interior design trends to look out for in 2017. Incorporate some of these design trends into your home for a picture perfect design and to completely wow your guests!


Interior Design Trends in 2017

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are already growing with popularity and will continue to be on trend for the foreseeable future. Metals such as polished nickel and silver will be very popular this year and can be easily and inexpensively incorporated into your design. Incorporate these metals in light fixtures and hardware, replacing rose gold and copper – which are both forecasted to be out of style in 2017. Stainless steel will also be very on-trend, so if you are buying new kitchenware, be sure to invest in this material for a polished, sleek and trendy look.


Earthy Pastels

If you are looking for the perfect color palate to introduce to your home this year, the team at Wallauer’s Design Center is here to help. In 2017, earthy pastels will be dominant. These colors are great because earth tones seemingly never go out of style, and these gorgeous pastel versions make for a rich ambiance. Within the earthy pastels palate is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year “Shadow 2117-30”. Shadow is a stunning earthy color that is predicted to pop up on walls and in fabrics throughout 2017. At Wallauer’s Design Center we proudly sell Benjamin Moore paints, including Shadow and the rest of its palette.


Jewel Tones

For furniture and accent pieces, bright and beautiful jewel tones are making a huge comeback. From emerald to sapphire, these bold and futuristic colors combined with mixed metals will create a stunning and romantic overall design. Choose these colors for upholstery, curtains and drapes, and even your bed sets.


Cork Accenting

We believe that 2017 will be the year of a material we all know and love: cork! In 2017, you are going to notice cork in many other places besides your favorite bottle of wine. Cork is a versatile material that is perfect for adding some warmth to the home. We recommend incorporating cork in a side table surface, or having a full cork covered wall in the office for both soundproofing benefits and for tacking up notes.


Distressed Elements

Lastly, the trend of distressed furniture will also be in style in 2017. While this is not a new trend, it had definitely been on the backburner the past few years while more modern and clean furniture was “in”. The distressed look will incorporate beautifully with the earthy pastel colors, and gives the entire room a more lived-in feel.


Begin your 2017 NY Home Design Project Today

Looking to update your home to be more on-trend this year while still maintaining a timeless design? At Wallauer’s Design Center, we are committed to helping our clients with every aspect of their home design. We start by finding the perfect paint for a splash of color on the wall, and can also consult you on custom decorating to tie the entire room together. From custom bedding to window treatments to upholstery, your friends at Wallauer’s Design Center in New York have extensive experience decorating beautiful homes. Contact us today, or stop by any of our eleven locations throughout the state of New York. Happy 2017, and happy home decorating!


Image via Benjamin Moore

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