Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY

Are you looking for the perfect upholstery fabric for your home? At Wallauer’s Design Center, we offer an impressive selection of home décor fabrics from Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY. With a wide array of fabrics that perfectly match current design and color trends, you’ll find the perfect fabric for your upholstery project.

Choosing your ideal upholstery fabric involves much more than just selecting a color or pattern. Here are some tips for selecting your upholstery fabric from our selection of Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY:

•Choose a fabric that will withstand the amount of traffic that your furniture receives. Tough, tightly woven fabrics typically work best in high-traffic areas.If you have pets that spend time on your furniture, ask our
design experts about an upholstery fabric that will stand up to heavy use.
•Consider the style and character of the piece of furniture that you are covering. Some fabrics promote a casual feel, while others fabrics appear more formal. Select a fabric that reflects your own personal style or mimics the design theme throughout your home.
•When selecting a patterned upholstery fabric, make sure that the scale of your fabric pattern is appropriateto the piece of furniture that you are covering. You should also consider the size of the room where your furniture will reside. Large repeating patterns tend tolook better in larger rooms, while smaller scale patterns look more at home in a smaller space.
Since Wallauer’s Design Center offers so many fabric styles from Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY, selecting your ideal upholstery fabric may seem like an overwhelming process. Our experienced designers are there to help you select the right upholstery fabric for your upcoming project!

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