Benjamin Moore’s Versatile Color of the Year 2022

october mist color of the year

The highly anticipated Color of the Year from Benjamin Moore was released on October 13, 2021. The color chosen was the whimsical October Mist -1495. The playful color was accompanied by fourteen other colors in the 2022 Color of the Year palette. All colors varied in hue, but all remained complementary to each other. From the eye-catching Wild Flower – 2090-40 to the subtle yet stunning Venetian Portico AF-185. While October Mist is the focal point of the color palette, the other colors are just as beautiful and unique.

October Mist is a versatile color. It is inviting and is the perfect shade to reflect sunlight in an open-concept or window-filled room. It is light and airy and has so much potential in terms of styling options. The palette that is inspired by the Color of the Year is filled with delightful colors. Pale Moon OC-108 is a soft and smooth yellow. One that the light in your home will bounce off of. It is perfect for a den or home office; it would be especially inviting in a kitchen. Mysterious AF- 565 is vastly different from the other colors in the palette, though it works with all colors, especially October Mist. Mysterious is a cool color that balances out the lightness of October Mist and all of the other colors in the palette. It is a stellar choice for bedrooms and washrooms.

This will definitely be a year filled with inspirational ideas for designing your space in a distinctive way. There are copious amounts of ways that these colors in this Benjamin Moore palette can be mixed and matched in order to create a unique style.

When it comes to redoing a space, several factors need to be taken into account. Not sure if the color you’re choosing will work with your furniture? Are you on the fence about going big and bold with your space? Our team of designers would love to assist you in building your dream space. They’re available in-home as well as virtual consultation.

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