Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas: From Master to Child’s to Guest Room

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas in Westchester NY

 Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is a room where you retreat to relax and unwind. It’s your special place! Window treatments make a room, so let’s make your space a place you never want to leave.

What can I use instead of curtains in a bedroom?

An alternate option for curtains is blinds or shades. The choice is yours—factor in your personal style, favorite colors, and decor.

The different kinds of Window Treatments: What type of room are your windows in? Are you decorating a master bedroom, child’s, or guest room? What size are the windows? Are they triple windows or single windows? Either way, your window treatments can be customized to the size of your windows. Blinds and shutters can be cut to size. You can play with different lengths of curtain panels. Long flowing curtains add to the ambiance if you’re looking for a romantic look. If you want something covering the window, choose a length that touches the window sill. If you’re going to let more light in, opt for a sash along the top or a valence. 

The various materials for Window Treatments: Curtains come in multiple materials. The material can be sheer, a heavy woven material, or complete blackout drapes. Blinds come in bamboo, wood, or plastic.

How do I make my windows private at night?

The best method to darken a room completely is with room-darkening shades. These drapes are very heavy and double-lined to ensure no light comes through.

Can I let light in but keep privacy during the day?

Honeycomb shades allow light to filter into a room and offer privacy. Blinds can be adjusted, so light shines through, but at a certain angle makes it hard to see in from the outside.

Classic vs. Contemporary Styles

There are different characteristics when it comes to the difference between the two styles. Contemporary window treatments include more layering for a detailed look. Floor-to-ceiling drapery adds a dramatic look to your bedroom. You can also choose Modern window treatments, which reflect “less is more.” The colors are more neutral and lightweight. The blinds are made of natural elements like bamboo or wood. Shades are motorized. Think along the lines of minimalistic. Basic shades are a classic option for window treatments. Roman shades and Grommet curtain panels can be customized to match your bedroom decor.

Styles & Colors for Various Bedrooms

Master Bedroom: This is a personal preference, of course. If you want the window treatments to be the room’s focal point, go bold and dramatic. Is your bed in front of your window? If so, play up your design and double the curtains as a backdrop for a headboard. Have the sides draped on either side of the window and bed. Do you have windows all around your master suite? Motorized blinds are great options for light control, and you can match any decor with them.

Kid’s Bedroom: Kids’ rooms usually have a theme and bright colors. You can stick with the child’s theme and incorporate it into a pattern in the curtains. Typically you don’t use blinds in kids’ rooms because the pull strings can hang and be a health hazard to children. Or you can go with motorized blinds, which are cordless. Is your child prone to allergies? Get faux wood blinds that are easy to wipe down.

Guest Bedroom: Homeowners usually want guest bedrooms to be warm and inviting. Similar to the master bedroom, keep with the theme of the room. Guest rooms are generally simple and comfortable with basic patterns if any patterns at all.

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