Finding the Best Bathroom Window Treatments for Your Home

Finding the Best Bathroom Window Treatments for Your Home

Bathroom Window Treatments Ideas

Does your bathroom have a window in it? Have you thought about window treatments? If you are lucky to have this bonus of natural light? Yes, even bathroom windows can be dressed up. Let’s discuss your options.

What to consider when picking a bathroom window treatment.

When you think of a bathroom window, you immediately think about privacy. Depending on where in your hope your bathroom is located, privacy may not be an issue. Let your window treatment be a focal point or match the rest of your bathroom’s decor.

How much natural light do you get?

If you get a good amount of natural light, installing blinds or plantation shutters are options that allow for privacy and room darkening. White offers a sleek, clean look,, or you can choose natural wood for warmer decor. Roman shades are another great alternative to controlling the amount of light that enters your bathroom. If you are happy letting a decent amount of light shine in but still want to dress up your window, a valance offers great design along the top, leaving the rest of the window open. You can also combine a valance with shutters. Did you know your shades and curtains can becustom designed to match your wallpaper? Our interior design experts are happy to assist you with designing your bathroom.

Consider the humidity of a bathroom.

Does your bathroom have good ventilation? If your bathroom traps in humidity easily, consider faux wood shutters or blinds. Unlike natural wood, faux shutters will not expand and contract with changing temperatures. Wallauer offers a variety of blinds from Hunter Douglas. Sticking to lighter-weight fabrics is a good idea because they do not hold in moisture, dry fast,, and are easy to clean. Heavy drapery holds in moisture which can lead to mildew build-up.

How large are your windows?

Does your window take up the wall? Or do you have a smaller window that sits higher above your sink or bathtub? If smaller, a valence does not cover your window allowing light to shine in. Roller shades can be installed a little higher than the window, offering the option for full or partial coverage. If you have a larger window and need privacy consider a hanging your curtain rod in the middle of your window so your curtains drape down offering privacy below, and sunlight above. Larger windows where privacy is not an issue can be dressed up with long, elegant drapes on either side of the frame.

With so many options, it can be hard to choose! That’s why Wallauer is here for all your bathroom design needs. Shop one of our 15 stores in and around Westchester County, New York.


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