4 Smart Home Purchases To Save Money

A little foresight can go a long way when working on your home. When you go into a paint and decorating store, you’re probably thinking about spending money. But did you know that some of your purchasing choices can actually save you money?

1. Quality Paint:

Among the ways in which you can save money is purchasing high-quality products. Using a quality paint and applying it with a quality paintbrush or roller will actually save you money over the purchase of cheaper paint and applicator tools. That might seem counterintuitive: How can you save money by spending more? The answer is in the recoats. In the initial painting project, the quality paint will cover the surface better, likely saving you the necessity of applying another coat. A high-quality paint typically lasts two or three times longer than a cheaper selection. Quality paints are stain resistant and easily washable, and they’ll keep looking fresh well beyond the time that an inferior paint will. Instead of getting three or four years out of your paint job, you might get 10 to 12. That not only lowers the price of paint over the long run, but it also costs less in terms of labor.

2. Energy-Efficient Window Coverings:

When shopping for window coverings, you can make smart choices that will ultimately save you money. One of the best examples is the honeycomb or cellular window shade. The cellular design traps air, buffering against outside air. They’ll help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Light-blocking blinds and shades are also a money-saving option because they keep out the sun—a big plus in the summer, when those UV rays can heat up your home and prompt you to crank up your air conditioning. Also remember that those harmful rays can fade furniture and other fabric surfaces, so being able to block or filter sunlight at the window is a great way to extend the life of the decorative surfaces in your home.

3. Caulks and Sealants:

Caulks and sealants are still another way to save money by improving the energy-efficiency of your home. Seal around doors and windows to keep hot or cold air from seeping inside. Proper caulking also prevents moisture and water infiltration, which can cause damage to a home. Moisture not only can rot the surfaces around windows and doors, but it also can lead to the formation of unsightly and dangerous mold or mildew in a home.  

4. Stain-Resistant Carpet:

Stain-resistant carpet is yet another money-saver, especially for families with pets or children. These carpets repel dirt and stains, making removal much easier. Instead of having to hire a carpet-cleaning service, you can clean up most messes with a little soap and water. With proper care and maintenance, your stain-resistant floor covering will last years longer than a cheaper carpet.

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