Tips on Selecting Roman Shades

Roman blinds are clean, efficient, and classic window treatment alternative.  They are also cost effective as they usually last ten years or longer. Upon the decision to install Roman Blinds into your home you should familiarize yourself with the selection process.

The first step is to select which style of Roman blind you prefer:  knife, flat, pleated, hobbled, and casual.  This would obviously depend on personal preference.

The second step is after you have selected Roman blinds is selecting how to mount the blind. You can either mount the blind on the inside of the window or you can mount it on the outside of the window.  In order to mount the blind on the inside you would need a two inch flat surface inside the top of the window casing.  If there is not two inches, you will need the outside mount.

The third step is selecting a control option.  There are two available: front control which is recommended light gaps are a concern and back control which are recommended when the fabric is farthest from the glass and for clear door or window hardware.

Next is to measure the height and width, which is similar to step two. There should be a 2 inch flat surface on the inside of the window.  Again, this is important due to where they are going to need to installed, inside or outside.

The next step is to pick a fabric.  This is obviously a personal preference, but sheers are not recommended.

You are now going to select a lining.  For Roman blinds that have a soft fabric, this is recommended.

The next step is selecting an edge binding.   An edge binding is fabric that gets wrapped around the edges of the blind in order to provide decorative touches to view on the inside and out.

Your next step is selecting a binding location.  Two edges are recommended for horizontal and vertical.  They are also available in 3 edges and 4 edges.

The last step is to select a binding color and hang them.

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