The Value of Professional Measuring & Installing Hunter Douglas Blinds in Carmel, NY

Even the smallest measuring error can be costly. Windows and window treatments must be measured accurately for a successful installation. This often seems a lot easier than it actually is. However, Hunter Douglas blinds in Carmel, NY has specific installation methods and if installed incorrectly the window covering will not operate correctly. Incorrect installations lead to blinds and shades that don’t fit in the window casings, light leakage from the sides, top or bottom, and improper operation that can damage the window treatment, ultimately costing more money and time. If you leave the measuring and installing to a team of trained professionals, however, you can rest assured your window treatments fit perfectly and will function correctly for many, many years.

Professional Installers Keep Up With Industry Changes and New Products

Our Hunter Douglas certified installers have the expertise to implement precise measurements and installation. Our enhanced product knowledge is continually updated as new products come on the market through education in Hunter Douglas Professional Installer Program. Our certified installers for Hunter Douglas blinds in Carmel, NY work with all types of blinds, shades and odd-shaped window coverings for non-standard size windows, commonly seen in the oldest homes in our region, including Victorian Gothic and colonial-era buildings from the mid-19th century. Older estate windows should always have professional window measuring and installation for best results. Even in modern homes window opening sizes vary – each window must be measured with the final product in mind, as well. The size of the window casing determines whether the window treatment can be installed with an inside or outside mount. For an inside mount, for example, we will check to ensure the inside top of the window casing is level; if it is not, our professional installer can take steps during the installation to ensure the window treatment sits properly inside its mount, despite an unleveled casing. These are some of the reasons hiring a professional to measure and install Hunter Douglas blinds in Carmel, NY and shades makes the most sense.

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