Roman Shades White Plains, NY – Types Of Roman Shades

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up for your white plains, NY home, think about Roman shades. Roman shades involve a lift cord threaded through rings sewn into the shade. A pulley system draws the shade up or down. When the shade is pulled up it becomes folded, swaggered, or ballooned, depending on the type of Roman shade you choose. The effect is an attractive, decorative appeal whether the shade is up or down. Roman shades are available at most home stores, or can be custom ordered to fit your home and choice of colors.

There are several popular types of Roman shades.
• Flat Roman shades work well in contemporary spaces, with a clean, simple appearance when down and an even, pleated appearance when pulled up.
• Cascade Roman shades, sometimes referred to as “hobbled,” have a looser appearance with looser pleats adding texture when the shade is pulled down as well as when it is up.
• Constructed flat shades are great for traditional spaces, with constructed dowels that ensure even pleating about six to eight inches apart.
• The relaxed style Roman shade allows the shade to gather naturally as it is pulled up. This style is great for country homes and casual spaces.
• Tulip shades fold up leaving elegant “dog-ears” on the sides and a soft, ballooned look in the center. Trim and fringes make tulip styled shades fun or formal depending on the fabric you choose. This style is more decorative than functional, and works well in spaces where you want more drama.
• For a formal space consider Austrian Roman shades. These elegant shades drape evenly in a series of rows for coverage of large windows in dining rooms and formal living rooms. Sheer fabrics, lace, and velvet add luxury to the look. This style is more for appearance than function.

In rooms shared with small children look for cordless options for family safety. For a finished look or more personal touch add a valance just as you would with curtains. Consider patterns for a fun, complimentary addition to your White Plains, NY residence. The sky’s the limit!

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