Roman Shades – Inside vs. Outside Mount

Roman shades are a type of window covering used to filter light from outside the house. In addition to providing insulation to the house, they add a creative touch to your window areas. You normally use a cord mechanism to open them and they usually stack evenly when being opened. They are not bumpy like your typical shades but noticeably smooth when open.

The shades come in a variety of colors, styles, and are created from different kind of materials e.g. fabric, wood and bamboo as well. They are mounted either inside or outside of the window frame. Following is a brief description of each. Mounting refers to the way you hang your shades.

Inside Mounts
This refers to mounting the shades inside the window frame when there is sufficient depth around the window. It will keep your shades away from room traffic and bring about a polished, neat and appealing look. Other factors may affect your decision to have an inside mount e.g. cranks can interfere with lowering your blinds and thus necessitate an outside mount which allows shades to lower down in front of the cranks.

Outside Mounts
You should choose the outside mount when there is an obstruction inside the window frame or if your window frame lacks adequate depth. They normally hang outside the window, covering the entire window.

Consider this mount if your windows are somewhat odd, where a rectangular shade cannot fit and if you don’t want to show the window trims. If you have trapezoid windows then this is the mount for you. They fully block the light and don’t compromise your window shape or view when lowered. Shades may be easily damaged when mounted outside because window frames do not protect them, as is the case with inside mounts.

Mounting the shades inside the window frame is the most common and preferred method because it results in a cleaner and polished appearance. Roman shades can add glamor to your decor and as well save you money on energy bills.

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