Protect Your Bedford Hills, NY Home From Damaging Sun Rays

Sensible people take extra steps to protect their skin from the harmful, and potentially dangerous, effects of UV rays. Smart homeowners should do the same for their homes.The modern home today aims to bring in more light, and many homeowners remodel to include lots of windows and glass doors. But ultraviolet rays are destructive in the home, causing premature aging, just like it does on our skin. In a home, fading furniture, bleached out floors, dull draperies and the lackluster artwork indicate the damaging effects of the sun. The answer certainly isn’t to live in the dark. However, you need to increase UV protection in the home to ensure your treasured Bedford Hills, NY home interior lasts many years.

The Right Hunter Douglas Blinds For UV Protection

One of the must-haves for UV-protection year-round is the right window treatment for your home. Hunter Douglas carries an extensive line of window coverings that help block the majority of UV rays when closed completely. Several Hunter Douglas lines have garnered excellent ratings for UV-protection without obscuring light or the view.
The best lines to look for include Silhouette® window shadings and its companion Luminette® Privacy Sheers.

What Direction Do Your Windows Face?

South-facing windows receive the most light all year round and heat and UV ray exposure this consistent causes the most damage and fading to the interior of your home. Hunter Douglas shades, with their versatility and durability, have the right window treatment for windows facing in all directions. For example, a south-facing window needs a high percentage UV blockage rating – up to 99 percent – in a window treatment.
Look for the “% UV blockage” rating label on the product. Silhouette® Window Shadings, one of Hunter Douglas’ most innovative shades, provide maximum light control without compromising your privacy. The product diffuses light through two layers of sheer fabric with tilting fabric vanes between them that you control. The sheer facings block 99 percent UV-rays when closed over double-glazed glass windows.
In addition, because the two-layer design provides more protection than other designs without it, Silhouette’s companion Luminette® Privacy Sheers work well for south-facing windows.

Protect Your Bedford Hills, NY Home Interior With Complementary Designs

The difference between Silhouette® and Luminette® Privacy Sheers is in the product design. Luminette® shades feature a vertical run design, while the Silhouette® design is made of horizontal fabric vanes suspended between sheer front and back facings that, when fully closed, still permits a golden diffuse light into the room. The two designs complement each other in styles, colors and textures and come with motorized control for greater convenience, especially for those hard-to-reach windows.

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