PowerRise 2.1 and PowerGlide Motorized Shades Upgraded to Work with Apple Mobile Devices

Hunter Douglas has improved the functionality of the PowerRise 2.1 by eliminating the limit assemblies. This improvement now provides better alignment between side-by-side shades and gives you the ability to raise the shade higher than the current system. For added convenience, Hunter Douglas has partnered with Apple, offering a free application that you can download from the iTunes App store to control you motorized shades via your wireless home network.


New Hard Stop Feature in PowerRise 2.1 Programming Gives You More Control

With the recent upgrade to Hunter Douglas PowerRise 2.1 you can set the upper limit of the outside shade and set the lower limit electronically. Hunter Douglas upgraded Skyline PowerGlide to the 2.1 system this fall and punched up it motor power from 12 volts to an 18-volt barrel connection. Now all PowerRise and PowerGlide 2.1 with Platinum Technology feature the same 18-volt barrel connection, ensuring easier installation and greater performance and reliability. Both products come with the Hunter Douglas Platinum App Certification.

Hunter Douglas Platinum App for PowerRise 2.1 & PowerGlide 2.1 Shades

Hunter Douglas manufactures various motorized shades. Motorized shades for light control is one of the fastest growing electronics market right now, and Hunter Douglas’ new Platinum App for PowerRise 2.1 and PowerGlide 2.1 shades enables you to control the level of light and heat that naturally enters your home. The company recently announced the launch of its new Apple iOS Platinum App to control Platinum App certified shades. This revolutionary technology allows homeowners to reposition motorized shades and blinds according to a schedule you design within the application. Additional hardware is needed to complete the wireless setup. Hunter Douglas certifies window coverings that work with the new Platinum App for PowerRise 2.1 and PowerGlide 2.1.

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