Port Chester NY California Exterior Paint Combines Durability and Beauty

Has the outside of your home seen better days? Maybe your garage door, front door, back door or window trimmings need a little bit of work. Wherever the exterior of your home needs paint help, you can find it with Port Chester, NY California Exterior Paint.

Types of Exterior Paint

When it comes to selecting the paint for the outside of your home, there is a wealth of choices available to you from Port Chester, NY California Exterior Paint. Some of the different types of exterior paint that they offer include:

2010 100% Acrylic Latex House Paint

This is a unique type of house paint that combines innovative acrylic technology with latex to create a house paint that has unsurpassed performance. This paint will cover even black paint in one coat, so that you do not have to spend more money on extra paint for covering other colors. It is also durable and stain resistant.

2010 Super Scrub Ceramic

This is a 100% acrylic paint that offers one of the highest levels of hiding power on the market. While other brands of paint take five or even six coats to cover deep colors, Super Scrub covers in one or two coats. It also is some of the easiest paint to clean, helping you to keep it looking stunning for many, many years. A quick power wash or even a simple swipe with a sponge can get rid of surface dirt and stains in no time on this paint.
If you are ready to make the outside of your home look stunning, try Port Chester, NY California Exterior Paint. This durable and affordable brand will help to make your home look beautiful for years to come and you will spend less time painting with this paint, as it covers effectively.

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