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Primers and Specialties in NY

At Wallauer’s Paint and Design Centers, we are of course known for our wide selection of paints and exceptional design assistance. However, in addition to our wide variety of interior and exterior paints, we also proudly carry a number of other products that will help make your finished project look exquisite and professional. Our primers and other specialties should absolutely be considered whenever you find yourself ready to complete your next project. Explore some of our offerings below.


Primers are an essential part of any project and are all too often forgotten. A primer should be applied before any paint, especially when working on a never-before-treated surface. Primer works to seal the surface and provide a smooth, clean base for paint to be expertly applied. This allows paint to look cleaner and brighter once applied to a surface, limiting the number of coats of actual paint you will need once you start your project. Primer also helps protect your paint from cracking, and may also prevent mold, mildew and rotting of your surface. At Wallauer’s Paint and Decorating Centers, we offer both interior and exterior primers to fulfill our customer’s diverse paint projects.

Specialty Products

In addition to primers, we also offer a wide array of specialty products that can be used to create truly custom finished looks. Specialty paints include offerings such as crackled paint looks, unique metallic finishes, pigments and a variety of other specialty paints. Other products include specialty products made by Mad Dog, Xim, Zinsser, Modern Masters, BGI Venetian, Roman Faux Finishes, Daich Coatings and Faux Like a Pro. If you have an idea for a special effect or custom look you would like to achieve with your paint project, chances are that our team has a specialty product that can help you achieve just that!

Primers and Specialty Paint Products in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam County, NY

We proudly offer design centers all over Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam County – meaning you are never far from the highest-quality paint and paint supplies. When you walk into a Wallauer’s Paint and Design Center, prepare to be immersed in a variety of paints to fulfill your everyday needs, as well as specialty paints and primers for those special projects.

Our team is always standing by and ready to help you make your paint project a reality! Whether you need help picking out the right type of primer, or want to achieve a special effect on your walls, we are ready to help you achieve just that. For more information or assistance with your next home design project, please visit one of our 15 NY locations or contact us today.

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