Exterior Primer in Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland County

The exterior of any property is so important. It is the first thing people are going to see when they approach your property, the very first impression they’ll take away from it. The exterior of any property also endures the most wear and tear. From thunderstorms, to hot temperatures and humidity, you need the exterior of your property to hold up and look beautiful no matter what kind of weather event is occurring outside.

Keeping your exterior looking its best requires regular upkeep, including a new paint job every few years. However, before you begin any paint project, you should make absolutely certain that you have the right exterior primer to start the job off right.


Importance of Exterior Primer

Exterior primer is vital because it acts as a sealant for the surface you are painting, covering any stains and imperfections so that when you paint over it, you are left with a clean and sleek paint job. Exterior primer also is useful when painting your property from a darker color to a lighter color, ensuring that the old color does not bleed through. Below, we will go over the two types of exterior primer you have to choose from, alkyd and latex.


Alkyd Exterior Primer

Alkyd primers are oil-based, and are ideal for new wood surfaces, steel and galvanized metal. This is because these primers are able to penetrate the wood and better protect this material. However, alkyd exterior primers take a very long time to dry. Alkyd primers are most compatible with oil-based paints and acrylic paints.


Latex Exterior Primer

A latex primer is a popular choice for an exterior primer, as it is ideal for drywall surfaces, plaster and concrete. Latex primers also tend to be preferred for exterior surfaces because they are less likely to crack over time and tend to stand up to severe weather a bit stronger than alkyd primers.


Exterior Primers Will Protect Your Property

Whichever type of exterior primer you choose, know that is so important to not skip this step. Investing in a high-quality exterior primer will protect your entire property from severe weather events. Leaving wood, for example, without a primer can cause mildew and mold, and even rotting of the material.


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