California Paints in NY   

It’s not every day that you find a brand of paint as versatile and fresh as California Paints, which is a part of ICP Construction, a manufacturer of top paints, coatings and remediation solutions. Created with the architectural and building industries in mind, the consistency and coloring of both the interior and exterior paints made by California Paints are some of the best in the industry, providing countless options regardless of your home’s aesthetic, or your own taste in design.


Cutting Edge Interior Paints

California Paints interior paints are certainly having a moment right now, and it shows with our customer’s high level of satisfaction with their products. In each Wallauer’s store, we offer Elements, Super-Scrub Ceramic, Fres-Coat Alkyd and Fres Coat – four of the most prominent interior paints created by California Paints. California Paints’ interior color collection is full of timeless shades, traditional accents and trendy hues, boasting over 2,000 colors to pick from; it’s safe to say that customers will never look for more colors than we offer in our stores. Thanks to the tinting technology that the California Paints brand uses, these colors can be manipulated to suit virtually any customer’s style or taste. If you’re conflicted with where to put the color, or what would look best, Wallauer’s also offers color consultations.


Exterior Paints for Every House Type

California Paints exterior paints are highly rated and extremely long lasting, as proven by the results of a national independent study. These exterior paints come in a variety of West Coast colors, as the brand pulls inspiration from none other than the beautiful landscape of California to enhance and enrich their product designs. We are pleased to provide our customers with both the 2010 Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex paint and the Fres-Coat 100% Acrylic Latex paint from California Paints, which are ideal for almost every single architectural style. Both exterior paints, which boast a sturdy acrylic finish, are good for any exterior siding surface, and were designed to prevent any weather-related damage from occurring. Maximum adhesion and breathability are also sound arguments that can be made in the favor of these California Paints products.


Paint Stores in NY that Sell California Paints

Products from California Paints are only sold through independent dealers – those who are considered to be experts and suppliers of only the finest paints on the market – and Wallauer’s is more than happy to hold that title proudly. Regardless of which of the 17 stores you visit, you’ll be able to find California Paints products on our shelves, and use them to transform the interior and exterior of your home. Contact us by filling out an online form, or stop by to check out some of the California Paints products that we have for sale.