Mixing and Matching Fabrics for Drapery in Your White Plains, NY Home

When you need to choose window coverings in your White Plains, NY home, you will want to choose something that will be stylish and appealing for many years to come. Many people make the decision to choose just one fabric for drapery, but this can be one dimensional and just plain boring. Instead of doing this, consider mixing and matching fabrics. This will add dimension, interest and beauty that you will find very appealing. How do you mix and match fabrics though? It can seem overwhelming and you may feel afraid that you will make the wrong choices. To get you started, here are some steps to choosing fabrics that will work best together.

To begin with, evaluate your White Plains, NY home. Think about the style of décor that you currently have. Do you have a home that is classic, modern, traditional, antique, or art deco? No matter the type of décor you have used in your home, you will be on your first step to choosing the right drapery fabrics. Mixing and matching fabrics can be quite easy when you break it down into a series of decisions. Start with the weight of the fabrics. It is best to pair a heavier weight with a lighter weight. Too much heavy weight will look saggy and overwhelming. The next thing to do would be to think of colors. The fabrics should include colors that complement each other. If the fabrics have designs or patterns, be sure that each of the fabrics share at least one same color so they will blend well together.
When you want to choose new drapery for your White Plains, NY home, do not stay one dimensional. Instead, consider the option to mix and match fabric. Just choose fabrics that complement each other in style, weight and texture for a look that goes well with your home décor.

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