Hunter Douglas White Plains NY :New Fabrics for Designer Screen Shades and Skyline Shades

Hunter Douglas rolls out a new and versatile Designer Screen Shades and Skyline Panels fabric collection that builds design versatility by adding more consumer choices to the two distinct lines. As part of the Hunter Douglas Fall launch, the company is offering a new, shared screen fabric collection that provides several openness options in various fabrics.

Designer Screen Shades and Skyline Gliding Panels Share Openness & Fabrics

The “openness” of a window covering refers to the weave density of the fabric and can range from 14 percent to 0 percent transparency. Openness determines the degree of visibility, privacy, glare control, and ultra-violet (UV) blockage. Hunter Douglas offers an openness range between 0 percent and 14 percent in these window coverings. A 14 % openness factor of a Screen Shade or Skyline Panel provides the most view-through, allowing more natural light into a room, but it blocks less UV and provides less privacy.
On the opposite end of the range, a 0 percent openness factor blocks more UV light and gives you the most privacy, but has less view-through and light filtration. The best applications for a 14 percent openness window covering might be a high-rise building, where a 0 percent factor works well in a media room that needs enhanced glare control.

Light Fabrics vs. Dark Fabrics in Hunter Douglas Screen Shade and Skyline Shades

Although light fabrics in the collection may have the same openness, they provide a softer view-through than other fabrics in these lines. In addition, the light fabrics Hunter Douglas has introduced this fall preserve natural light and prevent excessive heat gain in a room for greater energy efficiency. Dark fabrics create the opposite effect in a room, giving a crisper view-through and superior glare-control.

Expanded Shared Fabric Collection for Almost Every Budget

Hunter Douglas in White Plain, NY now offers fresh jacquard weaves that add more texture and color to the Designer Screen Shade and Skyline shades. Other options include a simpler weave. The inclusion of the new White Hall fabric, which shows white to the street to enhance window uniformity, further expands the line. Creating a shared fabric collection now allows you to choose the same fabric for every shade throughout the house, while varying their factors of openness.

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