Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings Westchester, NY

Hunter Douglas Pirouette window shadings radiate light through transparent fabric in your Westchester, New York home while softening harsh glare through its design. The interplay of light and shadow developed as light filters through Pirouette window shadings gives a room dramatic compositional chiaroscuro, a design trend currently dominating interior design and illuminating large windows.Hunter Douglas window treatments transform sunlight and create ambience tailored to your design vision whether you desire sheers, louvers, panels, or shadings – the sheer collection comprises a diverse selection of opaque, translucent, semi-sheer and room-darkening fabrics.

Optimum Light Control, Easy Operations and Child-Safety Combined

Hunter Douglas Pirouette window shadings control light in a very unique way, using color, design and fabric to enhance or reduce light in any room. The window shadings come in 256 color combinations, and are designed with soft, horizontal fabric vanes connected to a single sheer backing. Pirouette provides optimum control to diffuse natural light for varied lighting effects. You can gently manipulate the operating cord to expand the fabric vanes or pull to contract the vanes for an unimpeded outside view. Hunter Douglas offers two vane sizes with the Pirouette window shadings line, 4″ petite or 5″ grande, in three fabrics: linen, crepe or satin. All fabrics, vanes, and colors come with room-darkening or semi-opaque variations. Pirouette window shadings feature UltraGlide retractable operating cord for child and pet safety or the EasyRise clutch-operated continuous loop, similar to a pulley system.

Pirouette Window Shadings Combine Elegance and Adaptability

At the heart of Hunter Douglas Pirouette’s elegant design is the Invisa-Lift system that lifts the vanes gracefully as if they were floating. You may select from 44 different material and color combinations, choose the level of privacy and light control you desire, and dress windows and doors of various shapes and sizes. Hunter Douglas Pirouette window shadings for your Westchester, NY home can cover widths of 12″ to 144″ and heights from 15″ to 120″. We’ve successfully measured and installed Pirouette window shadings for sliding glass doors, French doors and arches and angles.

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