Hunter Douglas Duette Shades in Mahopac, NY

Many Mahopac, NY homeowners struggle to keep their household’s utility costs down during the peak of winter and summer. For example, a typical household may see as much as a 15 percent increase in their energy bills. During winter months, houses can lose heat due to improperly fit windows or lack of window shades, which can both cause the home’s heater to work in overdrive. According to U.S. Department of Energy, windows are the greatest determinant of how much heat a house maintains. A unique, yet simple way of managing heat loss or gain is through having window blinds that can regulate the amount of heat in a house. Air being a poor conductor of heat is therefore an important component. Such qualities were taken into consideration when designing and manufacturing Hunter Douglas Duette shades.

How Hunter Douglas Duette Shades Work

Hunter Douglas Shades have pleats that have been designed to trap air within them thus insulating a house against excessive heat during summer and preventing heat loss during the freezing winter conditions. This means households spend less on energy bills associated with heating and air conditioning. Hunter Douglas makes the honeycomb Duette window blind that is considered the most energy efficient window blind available for home use today. One side of Hunter Douglas Duette is lined with white pleats while the other has black pleats. These are for reflecting and absorbing heat during summer and winter respectively. The honeycomb Duettes has horizontal honeycomb shaped pleats that make it possible to trap more air between the pleats. This means more air insulation that makes it difficult for heat penetration thus guaranteeing optimal indoor warmth.

Why Hunter Douglas Duette Shades for your Mahopac, NY Home?

The higher the volume of air trapped within the honeycomb Duettes, the harder it is for heat to be lost or excessive heat finding its way to a Mahopac, NY house. The ability of Hunter Douglas Duette shades to hold air is measured in units called R-Values. The higher the R-value, the more energy efficient it is. Hunter Douglas Duette shades have a high R-value because of the double pleats thus ideal for any weather.

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