Honeycomb Shades Westchester NY – Defining Function and Style

Honeycomb shades are the best blinds for insulting the windows of a home or office, reducing energy costs from heat transfer year round. Most types of blinds offer you an “either or solution”, either you have the blinds fully open for light, you have them partly open for partial light, or you have them completely closed to save on energy costs. These highly efficient shades provide you with an alternative where you do not have to choose between light or cost savings. When shut, honeycombs are made of a more transparent material so that light can still filter into the home while minimizing heat transfer. These classy looking shades come in different colors and fabrics to better fit into your home decor.
There are several styles of honeycomb shades. The following break the shades down by some of the most popular brands.

Duette Architella: This collection offers a unique design best described as honeycomb-within-a honeycomb, resulting in up to 50% reduction in energy loss. Insulated air pockets give these blinds an added buffer for the higher energy reduction rate.

Alustra Duette Architella: This honeycomb collection differs in that it is made of unique sheer fabrics with hardware finishes. It also provides a greater range in light control within your home.

Applause: The Applause honeycomb shades provide a much more streamlined look for your home. These are very popular because they are elegant without being obtrusive.

Windows and Doors: Honeycomb shades have a variety of uses and are designed to fit almost any window and door type:


• Arched
• Angled
• Trapezoids
• Circular
• Bay
• Top-down/bottom-up
• Cut-outs
• Skylights
• Cordless sidelights
Doors and larger windows
• Patio doors
• French doors
• Large windows covering most of a wall
For windows that are more difficult to reach, such as skylights, there are motorized options that will allow you to keep control over your windows. Motorized shades can also be used over more traditional windows and doors.

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