Environmentally Safe Benjamin Moore Interior Paint in White Plains, NY

Finding an environmentally safe interior paint that meets today’s stringent safety guidelines and maintains great performance is easier said than done. For years our in-house paint experts canvassed products that we could be proud to put on our shelves. Well, we’ve found it: The Benjamin Moore paint, Natura, is the lowest emission paint on the market—with no VOCs contained in its green label product. Natura is third-party tested for environmental safety by California Collaborative for High Performance Schools, and we are proud to offer this outstanding product to our customers. Not only will Benjamin Moore interior paint beautify your home, it will preserve your quality of life with zero VOC emissions. Natura comes in a wide variety of colors and performs well. It’s a quick-drying paint with virtually no odor, so you may sleep in the room on the same day it’s painted. Other painting products don’t offer that convenience, particularly when they contain VOCs.

Green Label Benjamin Moore Interior Paint and Exterior Paint

So, what are VOCs anyway, you may wonder. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These nasty little compounds exist everywhere in the environment and can be harmful to people and pets, especially if they are exposed to VOCs in contained spaces. In fact, right here in White Plains, Ossining, and Carmel regions and along the east coast, 50 percent of VOCs come from trees.

Paint, particularly when it is tinted, releases VOC emissions in varying concentrations. Benjamin Moore removes VOCs during an innovative process of its comprehensive green product line and uses complementary water-based tints that contain no VOCs in its interior and exterior paints. Even after drying, tests show that Green Promise Benjamin Moore paint products produced no VOCs, which is why it is the greenest and safest paint on the market.

For other paint products under the no to low VOC line, look for the Benjamin Moore Green Promise label designation. No VOC products feature a Green Promise label, while low VOC paint products including Natura, Aura, and ben lines state low VOC on the label. The products are available as interior paint, exterior paint, high gloss finishes, and multiple latex primers for troubleshooting common issues with stains, tannin bleeding, and moisture damage.

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