Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades: Stylish Award-Winning Insulators

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella honeycomb shades offer outstanding energy efficiency benefits with sophisticated styles. The insulating efficiency of a Hunter Douglas honeycomb shade is measured in R-factors ranging from 5.48 to 7.73: The higher the number, the more insulating the cellular shade. In 2007, the Window Covering Manufacturer’s Association (WCMA) awarded Hunter Douglas Duette Architella collection the “Most Innovative Overall Design of the Year” award for cellular shades. In 2009, WCMA awarded the Duette Architella collection with additional awards for style.
The collection remains to be one of the best window coverings on the market. Here are a few in the line we are particularly proud to carry in our stores.

R-value measures a product’s ability to prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering a room. An R-value of 4.00 can prevent up to 75 percent of heat loss through a window. At the top of the Architella honeycomb spectrum, the ¾-inch Opaque honeycomb shade gets an R-value of 7.73, while the ¾-inch semi-opaque Architella has the lowest R-factor in the line, at 5.48. Opacity levels determine light transparency, so if you want to let more light in, go for a semi-opaque; if you’re interested in increasing privacy choose an opaque fabric. Nevertheless, the proprietary honeycomb within a honeycomb design of the Architella collection traps air inside three pockets and that is what insulates a room better than other window coverings on the market; for example, a competitor’s semi-opaque window covering gets an R-factor of 3.3. The average Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb shade in an opaque fabric comes in with an R-factor of 6.63.
Let’s discuss fabrics for a minute because they also complete the distinction of this line. Hunter Douglas offers four fabric styles to choose from:


• Classic, matches the original Duette color palette
• Meritage, semi-opaque ¾-inch pleats
• Panache, soft feel, textured appearance
• Elan, elegant fabric featuring a soft shimmer

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