Decorating Windows, Westchester New York – Window Shade Options

Find the flair you want in your Westchester, NY home by choosing quality shades for decorating your windows. You have the option of choosing all sorts of blinds, but with so many to choose from, you may be confused as to which are the best. Some people prefer traditional, inexpensive shades, while others prefer energy efficient shades such as honeycomb blinds.

Why Use Window Shades?

Shades keep windows from allowing in too much heat or cold, and they keep your privacy intact. Curtains alone won’t keep your home well insulated. Window shades assist with insulation by maintaining heating and cooling depending on the outside weather. Because of their cell-like blinds, honeycomb shades are able to minimize the amount of heat or cold that enters your home through the windows.

Types of Shades

Aside from the commonly seen shades in most homes, there are also other window shade options to choose and purchase. Wooden, vinyl and honeycomb shades are just a few to name. Wooden shades are pricey, but they tend to add an elegant flair to your home. Alternatively, vinyl is cheaper, but their insulation isn’t the best. In addition, because vinyl shades are relatively thin, they tend to weaken quickly with constant sun exposure. Honeycomb shades provide elegance, efficiency and last for a long time.

Why Honeycomb Blinds?

The interesting thing about honeycomb blinds is that you can have different colors of the blinds inside your home, while the outside remains a single color. Most homes in a community require that window blinds be a solid color for uniform purposes. Instead of having to opt for a single, boring color, you’ll have the chance to use multiple colors inside your home, while keeping the outside a solid, unified color. Honeycomb blinds also possess a Mylar lining that reduce the amount of light that shins into your window.

Shop around for various window shade options and choose window shades that match the color of the rooms in your home.

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