Choose the Right Benjamin Moore Paint and Finishes for Your Personal Style

If you’ve ever tried to pick a shade of gray or white Benjamin Moore paint, you know how hard it is. Nothing is pure gray or pure white; the undertones of color appear different in different light. That’s true of most colors. The biggest mistake you can make is not buying samples to take home before making a commitment to a paint selection. You see, the light in your home is very different than the light in the paint store. Once you’ve picked the perfect color for a room, you’ll need to choose the right paint finish.

Matte or Flat Finishes in Benjamin Moore Interior Paints

Matte finishes are usually used on interior walls. This finish doesn’t reflect light so it works great for covering up wall cracks and blemishes. A problem like color rub-off can occur when you wash walls with matte finishes, especially when the colors are rich and dark. However, Benjamin Moore matte finish interior paints present few, if any, problems with color rub-off due to its Color Lock technology. Typically, matte finishes are not as durable as eggshell and glossy finishes particularly in humid environments such as bathrooms. Benjamin Moore Aura interior paint line includes matte finish paints that stand up to humidity and mildew as well or better than many of the eggshell and glossy finishes available on the market.

Semi-gloss and Glossy Paints in Benjamin Moore Interior Paints

These finishes feature velvety to shiny appearances that do well on ceilings, trim, window casings and doors. The glossiest finishes – semi-gloss and gloss – mimic the shiny quality of enamel or plastic; lower gloss paints, such as satin or eggshell, appear more rustic. Although glossy finishes magnify surface imperfections on walls, if you sand the surface carefully you can usually avoid this problem, but be forewarned the prep work is hard work. If you want to add dramatic flair to a room, choose high gloss paint for a curved wall, cabinets, or stairways. Nearly any color will boost the drama factor of a glossy paint job, but darker hues appear glossier than lighter colors.

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