California Paints in White Plains, NY

If you’re beginning to feel tired of the same old boring paintyou’ve had at home for years, consider California Paints in White Plains, NY from Wallauer’s Design Center. California Paints’ collection of impressive color palettes make it easy to think outside the box in terms of color possibilities. The right paint will liven up your entire home, making it look as good as new! The best part is, for such a drastic change, California Paints in White Plains, NY is quite affordable.

With its commitment towards creating high-quality interior paints, exterior paints, and even architectural coatings, California Paints also offers innovative color tools and design systems to make it easier to figure out just the right color combination for your home. In fact, California Paints’ Perfect Palette was voted the #1 most useable color palette bydesigners in a recent survey. Having been around for over 80 years, California Paints has continually evolved to set, rather than follow, paint trends throughout the industry. Their premium paint lines are based on 100% acrylic latex technology, a rarity in today’s industry. In addition, their manufacturing process, combined with intense lab testing, abides by some of the most rigorous standards in the industry.The result? A groundbreaking selection of paint colors proven to stand the test of time.

You’ll find products by California Paints in White Plains, NY ina wide variety of color options, ranging from traditional timeless hues to cutting-edge and unique shades that are becoming increasingly in-vogue. Besides offering such a wide variety of colors, California Paints’ also offers an extensive line of environmentally-friendly green products, low VOC paint, and VOC-free paint.

Considering that your interior and exterior paint is viewed on a daily basis, why would you consider anything other than the best? At Wallauer’s Design Center, our selection of paint products from California Paints in White Plains, NY offers high-quality at an affordable price.

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