California Interior Paints in White Plains, NY

Since the interior of your house is the first thing that you see every morning, why not make sure that your walls are covered with the highest quality paint in the perfect shade to express your personality and style? The mood-altering benefits that come with the right paint selection are oftenoverlooked when it comes to your home’s overall vibe. AtWallauer’s Design Center, we offer a wide selection of California interior paints in White Plains, NY that are designedto fit any style or taste. Best of all, your new interior paint is backed with the longevity and durability only available from this highly-rated brand.

California Paints’ interior collection is a unique and diverse selection of paints, suitable for a myriad of designpreferences. Whether you’re sticking with a traditional interiorcolor or are looking to experiment with a new color palette, we have exactly what you need. The interior paint selections include an extensive list of both latex and alkyd paint, all of which offer superior protection, texture, and color. Two of the most popular California interior paints in White Plains, NY are Super Scrub and NexTech.

Super Scrub is a 100% acrylic paint, containing California Paints‘ Ceramic Waterborne Technology. With exceptionalscrubbability, you never have to worry about damaging yourpaint when attempting to remove any stains. In addition, this paint is formulated to be stain-resistant and to maintain intense color hues.

NexTech, containing Dual Dispersion Technology, is one of California Paints‘ alkyd versions. With its waterborne technology, this paint has very low VOCs, little odor, and isreceptive to cleanup with soap and water.

No matter your preference, Wallauer’s Design Center will surely have the perfect interior paint to satisfy your needs. Ourstaff will work with you to find the perfect color and paint performance that will ensure that your interior paint looks great while warding off the ravages of time. Come check out our California interior paints in White Plains, NY today!

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