California Interior Paint White Plains, NY -Choosing Your California Interior Paint

Have you started to notice that your home is looking drab, boring or just plain dull? Do you want to brighten things up, change things around or just do something that will liven up your home that is not incredibly expensive? One of the best ways to give your home a shot of life is by painting the interior walls. California Interior Paint can really take the walls inside of your home from ho-hum to wow, and it takes very little time and not very much money.

Types of California Interior Paint

Color is, of course, a very important consideration to make when you are going to be painting the interior of your home, but there are also other things that you need to consider as well. You first will want to decide between two types of California Interior Paint found in Wallauer in White Plains, NY that are very popular. These types are:

Fres-Coat Interior


This is a top quality type of paint from this renowned brand that goes on smooth and easy, regardless of your skills as a painter. The finish is long-lasting and incredibly durable, so you won’t have to repaint again in another year! This paint is also given high marks because of its maximum sealing, breathability and flexibility, providing a paint that does everything you want it to do and so much more.


Super Scrub


This type of paint is a great option for those who have young children (or messy adults!), as it is designed to be incredibly easy to clean. No matter what happens to walls painted with Super Scrub paint, from spaghetti sauce stains to dirt scuffs, you can wipe it off easily. This paint also covers well and last a long time.


Try California Interior Paint found in Wallauer in White Plains, NY for a long-lasting pop of color in any room of your home.

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