MI-T-M Pressure Washers Westchester,Ny

MI-T-M Pressure Washers are manufactured with a corrosion resistant, aluminum frame which makes it convenient for easier transport. The 13 horse power, easy to start, Honda GX engine makes for a quiet, effort less and very dependable product. The MI-T-M Pressure Washers are built with ceramic components to run cooler and last longer than other competitive brands. Their state of the art design also makes maintaining your MI-T-M product simple.

The MI-T-M Pressure Washers come equipt with quick connect nozzles and a 50% rubber hose also with quick connect ability. The professional grade, single wand spray guns are made for long, lasting durability perfect for any size job. When purchasing a MI-T-M product you are getting quality equipment that has been designed, built and tested by a very dedicated group of people.