One of the main things that Wallauer offers is environmentally friendly products that are designed to help you complete home improvement projects without harming the environment. So many products, like paint and stain, can be dangerous for the environment and even for your family and children. You do not have to worry about those dangers when you choose to shop with Wallauer in the Westchester, NY area. In addition, Wallauer offers green products that you will be happy to make use of. When you choose green products, you can choose from E-Clean and Lead Safety products.


Have you ever noticed how dangerous chemical cleaners are? So many of these cleaners are extremely harmful to the environment, but they are cleaners that we all need to use on a daily basis. His is why it is a good idea to consider E-Clean products offered by Wallauer. These products include carpet cleaner, floor cleaners, dust removers, glass cleaner, restroom cleaners, and spray cleaners. In addition, E-Clean products are available for floor finishing and stain and sealant stripping.

Lead Safety Products

Anytime you are working on an older home, there is a possibility of lead paint having been used in that home. The problem with lead paint is that it is extremely dangerous when it comes into contact with your skin or you breathe it in. If your Westchester County home includes lead based paint, then you will need to make sure you use the right products to deal with that paint. Wallauer offers a whole line of products to help you safely deal with the lead that could cause you health problems in your home. From lead paint test kits to lead to safe cleaners and dusters, you will find the options you need at Wallauer.

For your Westchester County home, you will need to visit Wallauer, your top provider of green products.