Festool Westchester County NY

If you are looking for Westchester County’s leading supplier of Festool products, then welcome to Wallauer. We provide a huge lineup of Festool products and tools to help you meet all of your building and sanding needs. When you are looking to create the perfect flooring for your home, you will find that the quality and system design behind every Festool product is designed to help you save both time and money. Take a look at all of the unique products in our lineup and discover how Festool can help make creating or finishing your floors easier than you ever thought possible.

Here at Wallauer, we provide a large array of products from Festool. You will find that we offer a number of cordless drills and drill sets as well as guide rails and multifunction tables. We also offer a vast array of orbital and rotex sanders, linear sanders, and dust extractors. Our jigsaws and circular saws also offer pure Festool innovation to help you complete any project. If a router, planer, or joining system is what you need to help finish your product, you will find that we offer high quality Festool options to meet those needs as well.

Wallauer works hard to be the leader in flooring and design here in Westchester County, and we know that Festool is one of the best manufacturers of flooring and design tools in the world. When you want to create the perfect flooring for your home as inexpensively and as stress free as possible, trust the design team at Festool to create the best tools for the job. If you are wondering how Festool products can help make your floor design or finishing project easier or what they can do for you, simply ask one of our friendly experts to help you see what makes these tools better than average.