Exterior Paint Westchester, NY

What is the first thing that people will notice about your home? It would be the exterior of the house, of course! Before they have a chance to see the interior, you furnishings and your décor, they will see the outside and that means you can make a good starting impression when the exterior of your home looks its best. Getting the exterior of your home up to par really does not take that much work. All you need to do is consider the option to paint. Wallauer can help you find the perfect exterior paint for your home in Westchester County. The exterior paint offered here is exceptional in style, color and environmental awareness.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Wallauer is a premier provider of Benjamin Moore exterior paints in the Westchester, NY. Offering three of the premier lines of Benjamin Moore paints, Wallauer can help you choose the right one along with the right color. Making use of Benjamin Moore’s patented waterborne color technology, these paints are low in fumes and POV. Wallauer offers the Benjamin Moore lines including Aura Exterior, Premium Line Exterior and Ben Exterior.

California Paints

California Paints have long been known to offer a combination of durability and trendiness. This can be easily seen in their exterior line of paints. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of colors and texture options available through the company. This means the paints are safe for the environment and safe for your family. Wallauer offers both the California Latex House Paint and the California Acrylic Latex Exterior Paint lines.

Make sure your home looks its very best by choosing the right paint. In Westchester County, you will find that you have the most choices and options available at Wallauer through environmentally friendly lines of paint that will be beautiful and durable.