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How to Choose the Right Painting Tools

Paint Tools in New York Are you ready for your next interior painting project? Once you have decided on your overall vision for your home’s new aesthetic, you will need to make sure you have the right tools to finish the job. Without the right tools, your paint job will not have that professional [...]

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Design Trends for 2017

Whether you are redesigning your home this year, need a new paint color on your walls, or want to pick out some on-trend furniture pieces, now is the best time to start! The beginning of the year paves the way for beautiful design trends you will enjoy for all of 2017 and longer. At Wallauer’s [...]

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Color Matters: Summer Purple

The purple color pallet can add an array of color options in both modern, contemporary and traditional interior spaces. Purple is also the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow and is considered rare in nature. Light-hues of purple can often symbolize something light hearted (love, floral, etc) while dark purple aligned more with royalty and [...]

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Color Matters: April Blue

Blue, a primary color, suggests truth, constancy, sincerity, and tranquility.  Blue is universal due to his familiar associations with oceans and the sky. Blue’s calming quality make it great and often primary choices for bathrooms and bedrooms. Commonly, monochromatic schemes are used with variations of blue in shades, tints and tones combined together.  The range [...]

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Color Matters: January White

Designers use White as there go to color; a clean, fresh canvas that works with any combinations of colors or can stand alone and be the star. The color of a wall makes the biggest impact on a room's visual appearance.  There are a lot of important issues when tackling a room such as scale, [...]

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Color Matters: December Red

The holiday season inspires every shade of red; from a deep, robust red to a rich, bold, ruby red.  A color of passion and power, red adds a new dimension and explosion to your living space. Red is a demanding color that stimulates appetites; a reason why it is used in dining rooms. Dark, wine [...]

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October National Window Covering Safety Month

Wallauer Design Center brings attention to “October National Window Covering Safety Month”     Learn how to keep your Kids safe in your home.  Cords and kids don’t mix.  Hunter Douglas the leaders in innovative window coverings have been a big part of raising awareness of the potential hazards window treatment cords pose to young [...]

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Room for Style

Every other week, our very own Ossining designer Wendy guest-writes for a popular fashion and lifestyle Blog called Living After Midnite. Wendy writes about how interior design and fashion coorelate in her series called Room For Style. Blog-owner Jackie goes into detail of how this pairing came about: A few weeks ago I had the [...]

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Window Treatments in Carmel, NY

Great homes deserve great windows. Your window frames your view of the outside world, so window treatments are a vital component of any home décor plan. Regardless of your chosen style, Wallauer’s Design Center offers window treatments in Carmel, NY to complement and enhance your home. A single room or an entire home can be totally transformed with the simple addition of window [...]

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Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY

Are you looking for the perfect upholstery fabric for your home? At Wallauer’s Design Center, we offer an impressive selection of home décor fabrics from Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY. With a wide array of fabrics that perfectly match current design and color trends, you’ll find the perfect fabric for your upholstery project. Choosing your ideal upholstery fabric involves much more than just selecting a color or pattern. Here are some tips [...]

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