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The purple color pallet can add an array of color options in both modern, contemporary and traditional interior spaces. Purple is also the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow and is considered rare in nature. Light-hues of purple can often symbolize something light hearted (love, floral, etc) while dark purple aligned more with royalty and power. 

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Blue, a primary color, suggests truth, constancy, sincerity, and tranquility.  Blue is universal due to his familiar associations with oceans and the sky. Blue’s calming quality make it great and often primary choices for bathrooms and bedrooms. Commonly, monochromatic schemes are used with variations of blue in shades, tints and tones combined together.  The range of blue varies from warm-green hues to cool-purple. Blue, especially when used in children’s room’s, can be simply altered with different accents as they become older.  Accents such as off whites and yellows can give a warm feeling and the impression of a beach. Whether you use it in a more formal setting(Navy) or more playfully (Turquoise), Blue can be perfect in almost any space.


Blue comes in a variety of hues that can work for any space.  Benjamin Moore's eclectic range from of hues, such as Peacock Blue() for example, are bound to make an impression. This color adds a vibrant pop of teal blue that can give a kitchen a playful, modern sensibility. Accented with a cool green such as Acadia Green and White Dove, this color combination will create a tropical and refreshing feeling to your space.

Darker blue's such as Benjamin Moore's New York State of Mind(805) tend to accent other colors in a space while not becoming overwhelming. Dark blue can anchor an elegant dining room and while deep blue's can have a tendency to recede in space. Accents such as Benjamin Moore's Kurkuma (AF-350) and Calm(2111-70) can offset the deep blue for a harmonious color scheme.


On the other hand is Benjamin Moore's collection of softer hue's such as Blue Stream (1668)and Buckland Blue (HC-151). Combining two different types of soft, light blue's can create a sense of serenity and peacefulness.  These blue's are used more commonly in bathroom and kitchen settings as well as spaces for children, primarily boys. 

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Designers use White as there go to color; a clean, fresh canvas that works with any combinations of colors or can stand alone and be the star. The color of a wall makes the biggest impact on a room's visual appearance.  There are a lot of important issues when tackling a room such as scale, lighting and architectural challenges, so why not start with the basics by using a white canvas.  We're not just talking about a builders white, but a well thought-out plan of using multiple shades of white.  The trick to pull off an all white room is to use darker whites on the floor, medium whites on the walls and the lightest whites on the ceiling and trim. The motivation to use white as your canvas is to show off the more important elements in the room, such as, furnishing and art work.

There are many popular whites such as Benjamin Moore's: White dove, China white, Linen white, Mascarpone white.  Color Trends 2016 uses contrast to define space that creates interest. When white is contrasted with black, a classic color combination, it makes any room sophisticated, chic and timeless. High Chroma colors such as, Ravishing Red 2008-10, Banana Yellow, and Patriot Blue are all apart of Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends for 2016. Using “Simply White” with these saturated, bold colors to create angles and edges that become sharply defined by adding energy and life into your decorating scheme.

There are 4 colors of white that are a part of the 2016 Color Trends; Ballet White, Mascarpone, Simply White and Paper. Each one cast a tone of its own; creating color-enhancing canvases for dynamic spaces. The color White represents peace, tranquility and purity. It’s time to bring White back into your life. 

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The holiday season inspires every shade of red; from a deep, robust red to a rich, bold, ruby red.  A color of passion and power, red adds a new dimension and explosion to your living space. Red is a demanding color that stimulates appetites; a reason why it is used in dining rooms.

Dark, wine Cabernet colors like "New London Burgundy" by Benjamin Moore, make large rooms seem cozy and can be dramatic in small spaces like powder rooms.

"Ravishing Red" is a bold and saturated hue; part of Benjamin Moore's Color Trend 2016 collection. This color is sure to bring energy to a room and is very powerful when purposely used with black and white.

"Caliente", a ruby red color by Benjamin Moore, is a stimulating lively hue that can be used on one wall in a room as an accent or as 'pops' of color in fabrics or accessories.

Add white to red, and you have a pinkish-red such as "Gypsy Love" by Benjamin Moore. Its glamorous and feminine, in all its sassy shades. It can be used in teenage rooms or living and dining rooms when building a sophisticated country style.

Radicchio, which is in the berry family by Benjamin Moore, is the right fit for a old Georgian colonial home.  Living rooms tend to be over stated with a lot of moldings and French doors that pour in a lot of light. The Radicchio is a strong, deep color that keeps a traditional warm welcome; making large rooms feel soothing and cozy.


Color itself is like one of the senses; enhancing our world and state of mind, color can bring about a transformation - energy, refreshing, calming, expanding or warming our space. Using color at home, in a decorated scheme can be a bit of a balancing act. This is why it's important to select the color that's just right for your home.


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Wallauer Design Center brings attention to “October National Window Covering Safety Month”



Learn how to keep your Kids safe in your home.  Cords and kids don’t mix.  Hunter Douglas the leaders in innovative window coverings have been a big part of raising awareness of the potential hazards window treatment cords pose to young children. The WCSC Window Covering Safety Council and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has recognized October as National Window Covering safety month for the past 11th year.



The WCSC encourages parent and caregivers to follow basic cord –safety precautions. At Wallauer Design center we go over the cordless options that are available and why paying a little more for safety is well worth the cost. Wallauer’s also keeps their installers familiar and up to date with all the new products and procedures.    

  • Move all furniture, cribs, beds and climbable surfaces away from windows.

  • Keep all window cords well out of the reach of children.

  • Install only cordless window coverings in homes with young children.

  • Make sure all cords and tassels are as short as possible.

  • Make sure continuous –loop pull cords are pulled tight and anchored to the floor or wall.

  • Be sure cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit inner-cord movement.

  • Replace older products with today’s safer window coverings.


Wallauer Design Center has many cordless and motorized operating systems, retractable lift cords, cord tensioners and wand controls. This month                          at Wallauer's they have  Hunter Douglas Season of Style Event running till December 15th FREE  cordless operations on many products. Including Duette Honeycomb shades, Silhouette Sheer Shadings, Vignette Modern Roman Shades and Park land 2” Wood Blinds… Visit us at for more information.


Keep your children safe this Holiday Season. 


Download the  Hunter Douglas Child Safety at the Window “ brochure, for more information .b2ap3_thumbnail_solera_halfway_620x431.jpg



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dorothy interior inspirations


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dorothy interior inspirations

Click here to experience recreating this old house with Morris & CO wallpaper fabrics designed by Dorothy Vivas


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interior inspirations at wallauers


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Wendy and Jackie

Every other week, our very own Ossining designer Wendy guest-writes for a popular fashion and lifestyle Blog called Living After Midnite. Wendy writes about how interior design and fashion coorelate in her series called Room For Style

Blog-owner Jackie goes into detail of how this pairing came about:

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with a group of home decorators from Wallauer's Design Center. They know color, style, pattern, texture and everything needed to pull a room together. And while we were chatting it got me thinking...decorating a room isn't much different than dressing yourself. Who doesn't like a well decorated room? The same goes for a perfect outfit.

This week's post talks about How to Pull a Room Together. It is posted here.


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Great homes deserve great windows. Your window frames your view of the outside world, so window treatments are a vital component of any home décor plan. Regardless of your chosen style, Wallauer’s Design Center offers window treatments in Carmel, NY to complement and enhance your home. single room or an entire home can be totally transformed with the simple addition of window treatments. Our window treatments in Carmel, NY are designed to frame a view, block or allow light, create a mood, and to make your room complete.

We offer window treatments from simple basics or will completely customize to fit special sized and shaped windows. Our only limit is your imagination! Just give us your sizes, explain your vision, and allow us to turn it into reality. Perhaps your room just needs a little polish or a pop of color to accent a beloved piece of furniture, or maybe you are looking for increased privacy. Whatever your circumstances, we create window treatments that make your life easier and more beautiful.

Wallauer's Design Center offers a variety of window treatment styles to suit every taste and décor. Regardless if you are starting from a bare room or just redecorating an existing space, we are the place to go when you needwindow treatments in Carmel, NY. Our customer service is unparalleled in the industry, promising satisfaction and the fastest turnaround possible.

All of the designers at Wallauer's Design Center know how to introduce color, pattern, cohesion, and instant style to your home. We love transforming any space, from a room, to an apartment, or even an entire home. We are skilled at what we do and want to help you enhance your windows while enhancing your life. 

Your home is where you family and friends gather. It is where we rest, love, and live. Give your home the best. Contact us today so we can start transforming your home into everything you want it to be!

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Are you looking for the perfect upholstery fabric for your home? At Wallauer’s Design Centerwe offer an impressive selection of home décor fabrics from Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY. With a wide array of fabrics that perfectly match current design and color trends, you’ll find the perfect fabric for your upholstery project.

Choosing your ideal upholstery fabric involves much more than just selecting a color or pattern. Here are some tips for selecting your upholstery fabric from our selection of Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY:

Choose a fabric that will withstand the amount of traffic that your furniture receives. Tough, tightly woven fabrics typically work best in high-traffic areas.If you have pets that spend time on your furniture, ask our
design experts about an upholstery fabric that will stand up to heavy use.
Consider the style and character of the piece of furniture that you are covering. Some fabrics promote a casual feel, while others fabrics appear more formal. Select a fabric that reflects your own personal style or mimics the design theme throughout your home.
When selecting a patterned upholstery fabric, make sure that the scale of your fabric pattern is appropriateto the piece of furniture that you are covering. You should also consider the size of the room where your furniture will reside. Large repeating patterns tend tolook better in larger rooms, while smaller scale patterns look more at home in a smaller space.
Since Wallauer’s Design Center offers so many fabric styles from Carole Fabrics in Ossining, NY, selecting your ideal upholstery fabric may seem like an overwhelming process. Our experienced designers are there to help you select the right upholstery fabric for your upcoming project!

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Fabric is the heart and soul of any room. The fabric color, pattern, and texture that you choose can definitely make a statement about your design styleAt Wallauer’s Design Center, we’re proud to offer high-quality home décor fabrics from Carole Fabrics in Carmel, NY. We make it easy for our customers to enjoy the benefits of high-end designer fabric without the hefty price tag.  

Carole Fabrics has been serving interior designers and members of the design trade for more than 50 years. With an impressive array of fabrics reflecting all of today’s current style and colortrends, you’ll find exactly what you need at Wallauer’s Design Center.

Choosing the right project for your home is essential. Luckily, Carole Fabrics has a wide array of fabrics in Carmel, NY for you to choose from for your upcoming project. Whether you’re looking to upholster an existing piece of furniture or are looking for the perfect fabric for a new pair of curtains, you’ll discovercountless fabric choices in our showroom.

Our experienced designers can help you select the perfect fabric for your needs. If you’re selecting fabric for curtains, remember that sunlight will fade your fabric over time. If your room gets a lot of light, your best bet is to avoid bright colors, since they tend to fade faster. Linen, velvet, silk, and faux silk are ideal choice for window treatments, since they tend to hang well. Since lining your curtains will give them fullness and body, our designers can also recommend the best material to use for lining your curtains.

Upholstery fabrics, heavier and more durable than other fabrics, come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. If you are selecting a patterned fabric, consider the scale of the pattern. A large pattern works better in a larger space or on a big piece of furniture, while a smaller one may be a better choice for a smaller room.

Whatever you need, you’ll find it among the wide selection of fabrics available from Carole Fabrics. In Carmel, NY, visitWallauer’s Design Center to select your new fabric today!

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If you're beginning to feel tired of the same old boring paintyou’ve had at home for years, consider California Paints in White Plains, NY from Wallauer’s Design Center.  California Paints’ collection of impressive color palettes make it easy to think outside the box in terms of color possibilitiesThe right paint will liven up your entire home, making it look as good as new!  The best part is, for such a drastic change, California Paints in White Plains, NY is quite affordable.  


With its commitment towards creating high-quality interior paints, exterior paints, and even architectural coatings, California Paints also offers innovative color tools and design systems to make it easier to figure out just the right color combination for your home.  In fact, California Paints' Perfect Palette was voted the #1 most useable color palette bydesigners in a recent survey.  Having been around for over 80 years, California Paints has continually evolved to set, rather than follow, paint trends throughout the industry.  Their premium paint lines are based on 100% acrylic latex technology, a rarity in today’s industry. In addition, their manufacturing process, combined with intense lab testing, abides by some of the most rigorous standards in the industry.The result? A groundbreaking selection of paint colors proven to stand the test of time.


You’ll find products by California Paints in White Plains, NY ina wide variety of color options, ranging from traditional timeless hues to cutting-edge and unique shades that are becoming increasingly in-vogue.  Besides offering such a wide variety of colors, California Paints’ also offers an extensive line of environmentally-friendly green products, low VOC paint, and VOC-free paint.  


Considering that your interior and exterior paint is viewed on a daily basis, why would you consider anything other than the best?  At Wallauer’s Design Center, our selection of paint products from California Paints in White Plains, NY offers high-quality at an affordable price.  

Since the interior of your house is the first thing that you see every morning, why not make sure that your walls are covered with the highest quality paint in the perfect shade to express your personality and style? The mood-altering benefits that come with the right paint selection are oftenoverlooked when it comes to your home’s overall vibe.  AtWallauer’s Design Center, we offer a wide selection of California interior paints in White Plains, NY that are designedto fit any style or taste. Best of all, your new interior paint is backed with the longevity and durability only available from this highly-rated brand.


California Paints' interior collection is a unique and diverse selection of paints, suitable for a myriad of designpreferencesWhether you’re sticking with a traditional interiorcolor or are looking to experiment with a new color palette, we have exactly what you need. The interior paint selections include an extensive list of both latex and alkyd paint, all of which offer superior protection, texture, and color.  Two of the most popular California interior paints in White Plains, NY are Super Scrub and NexTech.


Super Scrub is a 100% acrylic paint, containing California Paints' Ceramic Waterborne Technology. With exceptionalscrubbabilityyou never have to worry about damaging yourpaint when attempting to remove any stains.  In addition, this paint is formulated to be stain-resistant and to maintain intense color hues.  


NexTech, containing Dual Dispersion Technology, is one of California Paints' alkyd versions.  With its waterborne technology, this paint has very low VOCs, little odor, and isreceptive to cleanup with soap and water.


No matter your preference, Wallauer’s Design Center will surely have the perfect interior paint to satisfy your needs. Ourstaff will work with you to find the perfect color and paint performance that will ensure that your interior paint looks great while warding off the ravages of time.  Come check out our California interior paints in White Plains, NY today!  

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Wallauer's Design Center your full service, one-stop window treatment centerWe are the premier place to purchase custom blinds and shutters in White Plains, NY. If you’re looking to make a clean, uncluttered statement in your home, choose the sleek, upscale look of window shutters orblinds. Since our talented and experienced designers cancustomize blinds and shutters to fit any shape, even rounded or arched windows, your options are virtually unlimited!

The texture of window blinds or shutters add drama and personality to any room. They can be customized and varied to each room or can be consistent throughout your home, creating a cohesive look. Regardless of your decision, blinds or shutters work in tandem, complementing each other and making your home design uniquely your own.

Shutters and blinds are not limited to common areas of the home anymore! New composite materials make them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and children’s playrooms. They hold up to rough handling and humidity while maintaining a timeless style and adding atmosphere to a room.

Installing blinds and shutters in White Plains also increases the energy efficiency of your home and allows you, the homeowner, to save money while adding value and desirability. Adding high functioning window treatments to a new or existing home gives an instant and cost-effective makeover that is both practical and beautiful.

When looking for blinds and shutters in White Plains, NY and the surrounding area, Wallauer's Design Center should beyour first and only stop. We can design and deliver a classicor modern shutter or blind that adds function and appearancewhile complementing any décor.

Our dedicated, creative, and talented window designers atWallauer's Design Center are able to take what you envision and turn it into a reality that you can live with for years to come. Give us a call today or stop by to learn more!

 Whether you are in need of a quality primer, interior paint, or specialty options for tough areas such as your kitchen, bath or ceiling, California Paint is the company to turn to.

Never underestimate the power of a quick color change in your home. Color possesses the power to transform a space's overall look and feel, simply and easily. Most interior paint projects can be completed over a weekend, giving your space a much needed facelift in no-time flat. When seeking the best interior paint options in the New York marketplace, be sure to consider California Paint.

For over 80 years, California Paint has been providing quality paint products for both commercial and residential uses. Their extensive line of interior paints includes primers, paints, specialty paint for the ceiling and even a line designed for spaces in your home that see extensive amounts of moisture, such as your kitchen or bath. The kitchen and bath line was designed to not only stand up against repetitive moisture, but provides antimicrobial protection, a topic of importance for individuals and families.

Once you have selected a California Paint for your interior project, you need to prep the walls. The look and feel as well as performance of your paint is largely dependent upon how prepared your home's walls are. To ensure a strong adherence and flawless look, be sure to utilize a California Paint primer prior to applying your chosen paint color to the walls.

And when painting your NY's home's interior, don't forget the ceiling! Among the products offered by California Paint is the white for ceilings. Sometimes something as simple as freshening up the space above your head, can improve the overall look and appearance of your space.

 Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to choosing paint colors for your current home projects? If so, you are not alone. Why not turn to the professional advice of experts that can provide in-home decorating tips and direction to you? By gaining answers to your questions or a second opinion, you can gather the information, advice, pricing options and product suggestions needed to begin or complete your current Westchester, NY property's projects.

Here is how most in-home decorating projects progress:

1.      Schedule a design consultation with a Westchester, NY professional. Most interior retail outlets now offer this type of service at no-cost. So, there's no risk to you for gathering information or gaining a second opinion about your project.

2.      Review your project's goals, requirements and budget during the in-home decorating session. Be as specific as possible as the suggestions provided are only as good as the information you offer to the professional.

3.      Schedule a follow up in-home decorating meeting or conference call to discuss suggestions, options, pricing and timelines. If you aren't happy with the recommendations provided, be sure to speak up.

4.      Select and implement any one of the many project suggestions provided.

Professional guidance is often what homeowners need to take the next step in their Westchester, NY's list of projects. While you may have a general idea of the style, colors, look or feel that you are going for, you may have trouble visualizing the final result or knowing how or where to select the products needed to complete your vision. In-home decorating consultations can provide you with the direction, advice and access to products or services you need to make your vision a reality.

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 Which interior space in your home are you seeking to update? The master bedroom. The downstairs powder room. Or, your kitchen. A coat of paint possesses the ability to not only freshen up your Westchester, NY home's interior, but can add value to your property. Among the industry's leaders in interior paints is California Paint.

One of the most challenging spaces to paint can be a home's kitchen. Numerous corners, tough to reach spaces and constant exposure to moisture are each issues facing a painter and their chosen paint. To tackle these issues successfully, look to the line of California interior paint options designed to tackle these issues. Among the features offered by these paints include antimicrobial properties and enhanced strength to stand up against exposure to constant moisture. What does this mean to you as a home owner? Once you apply your California interior paint to your kitchen's walls or even cabinets, you will have a lasting look that can manage the challenges presented by this unique space within your home.

If you plan to tackle other areas in your Westchester, NY home, such as your master bedroom, guest rooms, children's rooms or living spaces, consider the extensive line of paint colors and textures offered by California Paint. For over 80 years, California interior paint options have been among the favorites of both residential consumers and businesses. If you are stuck choosing a color, turn to the professional resources offered on the company's website or to a professional in your local retail outlet. With a little direction, you can choose the best California interior paint option for whatever room is currently on your to-do list.

In just a weekend, you can update your Westchester, NY property's look and feel with California interior paints.

Whether you're moving into a new Westchester, NY home, or simply looking to renovate, you will want to make sure you get the ideal style for your windows. With the Vignette style of window shadings you can get a look that's both stylish and sophisticated. How do you best go about buying the ideal shading for you and your home though?

What Do Vignette Window Shadings Have to Offer?

With their sophisticated style and classical look, they provide an elegant ambiance to any home. Giving a glow that is soft and warm, they only allow in the amount of light you want to let in. As they are richly textured as well, they give the appearance of finely woven drapery too, which lends a sense of class to their surroundings.

Not just offering a sleek appearance, they provide privacy from prying eyes when needs be. You can adjust the Vignette window shadings as and when you need to. This means you have complete control over the amount of light you are letting into your home, which in turn enables you to create the tone that's right for you.

How Do You Pick the Right Shadings?

As you have the chance to custom design your own shadings, there are plenty of opportunities to make sure they're right for you. The main factors when choosing your ideal shadings will be; color, size and style. Once you have defined what these are going to be, you should then be able to go ahead and make your decision.

After you have a clearer idea of what you're looking for, you can then get a consultant to assist you. With an expert opinion you can easily pick and install the Vignette window shadings that are ideal for your home. There are plenty of certified designers and companies out there who should be able to help you take this next step.